Soft Corporate Offer

LOADING Fujairah, Qatar, RotterdamQUALI International Standard DELIVERY TTO, TT, CIF
CONTRACTUAL PERIOD: 12 Months Contract + Rolls/Extension
Quantity Min:50,000 Max 1,000,000 MT/Month
CIF Price $ 460/MT FOB Price $ 450/MT
Quantity Min: 500,000 Max 5,000,000 Barrels/Month
CIF Price $ 84.00/Barrels FOB Price $ 80.00/Barrels
Quantity Min: 500,000 Max 5,000,000 Barrels/Month
CIF Price $ 84.00/Barrels FOB Price $ 80.00/Barrels
Quantity Min: 20,000.000 Max 200,000,000 GAL/Month
CIF Price $ 0.90/Gal FOB Price $ 0.86/Gal
Quantity Min:20,000 Max 2500,000 MT/Month
CIF Price $ 350.00/MT FOB Price $ 340.00/MT
Quantity Min: 50,000 Max 500,000 MT/ Month
CIF Price $ 255/MT FOB Price $ 250/MT
  1. Buyer issue ICPO containing the seller's working procedure and banking details along with buyer's nominated TSA, company registration Certificate

  2. Seller issues a Commercial Invoice of the product in tanks at the port, buyer sign and return commercial invoice along with an acceptance letter.

  3. Seller issue Appointment letter for seller representative to present a fresh SGS Report of less than 24 hours to Buyers and buyers logistics for proper verification at the buyer's Tank Terminal , Buyer issue TSR on seller Name to enable immediate injection upon successful SGS verification, Seller inspect buyer's Tank for injections

  4. Upon confirmation of successful verification of the SGS Report by the Buyer company and buyer's Tank Farm Company, the Seller issue
    • INJECTION PERMISSION AGREEMENT signed by buyer and buyer's Tank Farm

    • Authorization to sell and collect

    • Commitment to supply

    • Statement of availabilities of product

  5. Upon confirmation of the signed INJECTION PERMISSION AGREEMENT Seller issue to Buyer:
    • Fresh SGS report of less than 24 hours on buyer's company name

    • Q&Q Report. And injection Report.

    • Authorization to verify physically the product in the sellers' tank (ATV)

    • Tank Storage receipt TSR.

  6. Buyer conducts a Dip test on the product in the Seller Tank and makes the payment for the total value of the product via MT103-TT to enable the injection process into their Nominated tanks. Seller transfer title Ownership to the buyer with All export documents required of buyer for the transaction.

  7. Seller pays all intermediaries involved in the transaction and subsequently monthly shipments continue as per terms and condition of the sales and purchase agreement contract between buyer and seller.
  1. Buyer issues an official Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO), with Seller’s procedures.

  2. Seller issues Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) open for amendment via Co- Buyer to Potential Buyer.

  3. Potential Buyer countersigns, duly initial by Co- Buyer and sends back to Sellerthe aforesaid SPA in Acceptance.

  4. Seller requests the nominated shipping company to issue the Charter Party Agreement (CPA) for Seller to sign with the shipping company as the Consignee to be shown on the Bill of Lading to whom the shipment is consigned.

  5. Seller submits the Contract to the Ministry of Energy for Legalization and final approval and Notarization (if required), then Seller furnishes Potential Buyer with the Duplicate Copy of CPA via Co- Buyer along with the following Partial POP Documents:
    • Certificate of Origin

    • Commitment to Supply

    • Product Passport

    • Allocation Guarantee Letter

    • Statement of Availability of the product

    • Commercial Invoice

  6. Seller issues the INVOICE instruction of Freight Payment (50/50 between Seller &Potential Buyer). Such payment shall be deducted from the final cargo payment.

  7. All parties involved in this transaction sign the NCNDA/IMFPA to protect for all intermediary’s commission(s) as payable by each side oneself separately.

  8. Once Receipt of Payment as aforesaid Seller commences loading of the product into the chartered oil tanker vessel and provides the following shipping documents via Co-Buyer to the Potential Buyer after loading:
    • Ocean Bill of Lading

    • Fresh SGS Report

    • Cargo Manifest

    • Certificate of Insurance

    • Certificate of Ownership

    • Ullage Report

    • SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

    • *The Quota Allocation Certificate issued by the Ministry of Energy

  9. Upon vessel on arrival to the Discharge Port, Seller issues ATB/DTA via CoBuyer to Potential Buyer and meantime directs the captain to dock with the shipping agent along with inspection team to conduct Dip Test in the Vessel Tanker to confirm Q&Q.

  10. Upon successful RESULT of Dip Test, Potential Buyer causes his bank to pay via Swift MT103 by T/T wire.
  1. Buyer issues ICPO and company registration certificate.

  2. Seller issues Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) and invoice to be endorsed by buyer company.

  3. Upon receiving the signed SPA between buyer and seller, a guarantee letter will be requested by the terminal stating that they have agreed to pay 20% to Zirku OilTerminal as proof of credibility and commitment in line with procedure number

  4. Seller sends copy of the signed SPA to Zirku oil terminal in UAE for SPA authentication, endorsement and approval. Buyer pays US$120,000,00 to the oil terminal port agents for quality analysis report by SGS. (Analysis report should be provided within 7 days max).

  5. Upon successful verification of SGS analysis report, the buyer shall make a swift deposit of 20% to Zirku oil terminal accredited agents for product cost to obtain title allocation certificate and to enable the seller handle the total logistics cost for loading and sending vessel to buyer discharge port.

  6. Upon confirmation of the 20% payment, seller shall send the following documents:
    • Product allocation certificate

    • Certificate of Inspection

    • Charter Party Agreement

    • Copy of the port storage agreement

    • Certificate of Product Origin

    • SGS Quantity & Quality Test Analysis Report

    • Bill of Lading

    • Vessel Questionnaire 88

    • Ullage Report

    • Cargo Manifest

    • Vessel ETA

  7. The payment balance of 80% will be made for the product by the Buyer’s Bank viaswift wire transfer to the Seller’s Bank after the CIQ/SGS inspection at port of discharge.
  1. The buyer issues an ICPO containing the seller's work procedures and banking details along with the TSA submitted by the buyer, the Company registration certificate.

  2. Seller issues commercial invoice of products in tank at port, buyer signs and returns commercial invoice with acceptance letter.

  3. The seller issues a copy of the SGS Report strictly to the buyer's Tank farm Company only to verify the SGS Report.

  4. After confirmation of successful verification of SGS Report only by Buyer's Tank Farm Company. The Seller rents and pays the Buyer's tank for the first 3 days andthe Buyer pays his Tank Company for 3 Days after his Tank Company receives payment from the Seller Company.

  5. The seller issues the following POP documents to the buyer, the buyer performs a Dip test on the product and makes payment for the total value of the product injected into the tank via MT103 - TT:
    • Q&A Report

    • Injection Report.

    • Unconditional Dip test (DTA) Power of Attorney

    • Permission to sell

    • New Update SGS Report.(Kazakhstan)

    • Authorization to physically verify the product in the seller's tank (ATV).

    • NCNDA/IMFPA to be signed by all involved

  6. Seller loads product within Seven (7) international working days, and sends to Buyer the following Full Shipping Document and a copy via email to Buyer. and Buyer Customs Clearance agent at discharging destination port to expedite vessel anchorage.

  7. Upon successful Q and Q including Dip Test at discharging destination port, BUYER pays for product by Wire Transfer / Swift MT- 103 into the Seller's account.

  8. Seller Pays commissions to all intermediaries, Both Parties proceed with thecontract upon completion of the first trial order

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